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Bikini Body Ready

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Personal trainer ,Paulette’s Client Hilary Wins 1st Place Bikini Fitness Model in Toronto

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How To Get A Bigger Butt

How to get a bigger butt, its the million dollar question these days from women.A nice  peachy round butt,bootay,bum, glutes whatever you call them, are wanted by almost every woman I meet these days and with celebrities such as Beyonce and J-Lo flaunting theirs at every chance they can, it’s no wonder that these days a big butt is big news,big business, big marketing and a big financial asset ( to many celebs) and women want the answer to that million dollar answer.

How to get a bigger butt

I have always had a ‘big butt’ or as my daughter and some of my clients like to call it”Paulette’s bubble butt”. As a former sprinter it’s almost part of a sprinters ‘uniform’ having peachy glutes.
Ask yourself, have you ever seen a female sprinter without an amazing round firm lifted butt, irrespective of where she is from? I know I haven’t, they all have amazing glutes .

Now some sprinters like myself do indeed find themselves genetically with the fullness already in the glutes from a young age but there  still is no getting around the fact that sprinting goes a long way to also helping glute development . The power/force, from the glutes being activated when sprinters are striding out at speed is a serious amount of  glute activation happening.
Be that as it may sprinting on it’s own won’t simply develop a bigger butt, equally as important is weight training and adequate nutrition all vital to develop a round toned bigger butt.
The butt is one of, if not the largest muscle group in the body so to develop it you must train it adequately, often and feed the muscle to stimulate growth and most of all be patient and persistent. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will you bubble butt.
So to get you started on developing your own bubble butt here is one of my butt workouts that you can try.
Just prepare yourself as there is nothing easy that comes when working the butt however I’m sure you know that anything easy to do or get usually isn’t worth having anyway now is it?
Warm up for 3-5 mins with body weight exercises ie body weight squats, jumping jacks, leg swings , hip rotations
Rules are:-
  • Go as heavy as you can for the requested reps
  • Perform each exercise with great form on every rep
  • Rest 1 minutes between sets  and be strict with rest timing!
  1. 4 sets 15 reps- Sumo back squats, Sumo Smith Machine or sumo goblet squat (choose one)
  2. 3 sets 15 reps-45 degree leg press (high and wide leg stance position transfers most of weight from quads to hamstrings and glutes)
  3. 4 sets 15 reps Sumo (semi) stiff legged deadlifts (keep knees soft to protect lower back)
  4. 4 sets 15 reps- Barbell hip thrusts
  5. 4 sets 15/leg- Waking DB lunges
Take 1 min recovery then
Incline treadmill sprints.
  1. 30 secs fast on 6% incline
  2. Active recovery 1 minute
  3. Repeat 6 times total
  4. Cool down and stretch

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Sprinters Butt

Fat Loss-Bin The Scales Go By The Mirror

If I had a penny for the amount of times I hear ” I need to lose weight”
I would be a very rich lady indeed.
The vast majority who say to me they need to lose weight don’t need to lose as much weight as they think but they do need to lose quite a bit of body fat .
There are better ways to measure your progress

There are better ways to measure your progress

When I point this out most are confused and think it’s the same thing, well it really isn’t.
Take a look at the picture of me below. My start weight  in the picture to the right is 144 pounds and my end weight is exactly the same however you can clearly see a vast difference in my abs, less body fat it’s that simple.
Scale weight does not tell the whole picture

Scale weight does not tell the whole picture

Now I am going to assume that for the sake of this post you have read my previous posts and already know that nutrition is the most important factor in successful body transformations , if however you are new to my posts then before you carry on with this post take a read of this one first:-
A HUGE problem when you’re trying to transform your body to something that you envisage you want to look like is weighing yourself, getting fixated with a scale weight , thinking that if you reach that certain weight it will automatically mean you will achieve that look you have in your mind which is usually a tight toned body. Well I hate to say this but if you focus solely on what the scales say then ,yes you will be a lighter you but just a lighter version of the fatter you otherwise known as ‘skinny fat’
Added to this skinny fat equation is the other big mistake many make and that is doing far too much cardio and very little else .
Do NOT let the scales define you

Do NOT let the scales define you

So what to do to get the desired tight toned beach body you?
First things first ditch the scales and buy a tape measure and a full length mirror.
All scales are calibrated differently anyway.
You know the deal you weigh yourself on one set  of scales and it tells you one thing and you then use another set of scales after being good on your diet week long and it tells you something you really don’t want to see!!
Now take a tape measure -an inch is an inch and a centimetre is a centimetre simple.
As for the mirror well you and I know it simply doesn’t lie unless you are at a circus.
When you are losing centimetres and inches then this is one of the best indicators that you are losing body fat and not simply water loss and also muscle loss which can be the case if you are performing too much cardio.
A mirror and a tape measure are great tools for fat loss accountability

A mirror and a tape measure are great tools for fat loss accountability

Onto the mirror, or in the social media world we now live in, ‘selfies ‘ -The modern day thing, and you shouldn’t balk at using them for your successful fat loss transformation.
When your focus is body fat loss and not simply weight loss, you will need more motivation than the ritual daunting weekly scale weigh in and I cannot stress how important pictures then become. My clients all have to send me update pictures and all too often they are not convinced that there has been any progress until I send them back the split screen before and after pictures. Once they have this and can see the results it really is game on. Body fat loss will not be seen overnight but when it starts to show itself on your body you will love the results you start to see.
Use Progress Selfies To Track Your Progress

Use Progress Selfies To Track Your Progress

Another good reason for  women to avoid the scales is our weight will fluctuate greatly throughout the months in preparation for the monthly menstruation. For your information the week leading up to my own menstruation I can easily put on scale weight of 5-7 pounds . Of course I know it’s all water retention but can you imagine if I was obsessed  with my scale weight and saw this type of weight gain in just one week.
Lean muscle doesn't wobble, but fat does!

Lean muscle doesn’t wobble, but fat does!

You already know the importance of nutrition so I won’t cover this again in this post.
Lets move onto your fitness program.
Now don’t  get me wrong some Cardio is needed to lose body fat but this should be accompanied with a solid and consistent  fitness program of resistance training to develop lean muscle. It is lean muscle that will give you the toned body you desire NOT CARDIO!
Think of cardio in this analogy : once you have primed and painted a skirting board you need to finish it off with the gloss paint . Cardio is the gloss paint  in a fat loss transformation.Once you have developed some lean muscle you use cardio to strip away the remaining fat to show off your lean toned body in all it’s glory.
Muscle Is More Dense Than Fat

Muscle Is More Dense Than Fat

When I looked up the definition of ‘tone’ as in toned body here is one definition  I found :
“Visible definition in muscles as a direct result of having low body fat and reasonably well formed and built muscles.”
So if resistance training is not part of your training then make it so immediately. Having lean muscle is the only thing that will give your body the tight firm look with very little wobbly bits .
Muscle doesn't joggle

Muscle doesn’t jiggle

And there you have it, some  very basic fundamentals to implement for a successful fat loss transformation, get these right and you should never  have to use a set of scales again .
Focus on Fat Loss NOT simply weight loss

Focus on Fat Loss NOT simply weight loss

The Key To Successful Fat Loss

If fat loss is your primary goal, ie getting a leaned toned look ,as opposed to simple weight loss which can leave you lighter in weight but with a skinny fat look and lots of wobbly bits then you must get one thing right or you will fail.
Achieved in just 50 days  Nutrition was key

Achieved in just 50 days
Nutrition was key

The reality is this, your fitness training program be it low intensity cardio high intensity cardio or bob’s-your uncle -cardio is going to fail and has probably been failing as  you have not addressed the most important aspect that needs to be on-point for fat loss to be successful, and that is your nutrition.
Nutrition is the main ‘player’ in successful fat loss, its role is over 80%.
Simply speaking what one is  eating and drinking is the number one reason why so many  fail at achieving their desired look.
You’ve probably heard the saying in one form or another
” you cannot out train a poor diet” 
So is this you as well?
If it is don’t stop reading here simply because ‘you’ve heard it before’ allow me to tell you how  you can finally get on top of this so you  should never have to address the issue again.
Follow My online training and see what results YOU will achieve as Kim did.

Follow My online training and see what results YOU will achieve as Kim did.

When you look around your gym or training establishment ask yourself how many people including you have you seen over the months and years training at least 3 -5 times per week and look the same, often looking much worse, hoping that one day something magical will change.
Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it won’t . How does that other saying go..oh yes..
 ‘Insanity- doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result’
It’s not going to happen , fat loss starts in your kitchen and until you address this issue you will never start to get the results you are aiming to get.NEVER.
Hilary Won Her first ever show and an International one at that! Her body could not have been achieved without excellent nutrition.

Hilary won her first ever show and an International one at that!
Her body transformation could not have been achieved without excellent nutrition.

I know that nutrition can seem like a mind field and a daunting task  but ask yourself how much you are paying each month for gym membership, how much have you paid over the years, how many useless crash diets have you spent masses amounts of money on or useless ‘wonder’ gadgets have you purchased that  are only fit for the rubbish bin?
I’d hedge my bets its a tidy sum.
So with all of that information in mind why not take that knowledge and ask yourself wouldn’t it be more prudent to pass this task onto someone qualified in nutrition who can give you the answers you need to finally get the fat loss results started?
If long long term fat loss is your goal, then you must get your nutrition in check

If long long term fat loss is your goal, then you must get your nutrition in check

Now before you balk that this is simply another added expense to the money you have already spent and wasted without results, let me tell you why it may be the last expense you need to ever spend in your fat loss journey.
Consulting a qualified nutrition coach/adviser will almost certainly be a one off fee and you will have the answers you personally need and changes you need to make to your nutrition that will give you the results that have eluded you for so long and furthermore will  complement your training giving you even better results as the two finally meet and go hand in hand to achieve even better fat loss results.
Thereare numerous benefits of focusing on fat loss over just simple weight loss

There are numerous benefits of focusing on fat loss over just simple weight loss

What do you have to lose?
From my stand point only heaps of body fat.
I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and every single client that followed my nutrition advice has always achieved the fat loss results that eluded them for so long. This isn’t a coincidence its simply fact, let me remind you again
 “exercise is 1 step forward, but a poor diet is 2 steps back”
Start taking two steps  forward today and never look back.
Angela's Amazing Transformatio in Just 6 Weeks

Angela’s Amazing Fat Loss Transformation in Just 6 Weeks

Lose Stomach Fat Fast:You Should Have Listened to Mum

Have you always wanted to know how to lose stomach fat fast?

Did your mum, like mine, nag you at almost every meal time to:

I achieved this is 29 days ! It starts with nutrition

I achieved this is 29 days ! It starts with nutrition



“Eat your vegetables they‘re good for you”
Sound familiar right?






Lose stomach fat fast

Should have listened to mom


Well there are actually some vegetables that are not only good for you in general but can actually help you to  burn belly fat fast.

OK lets just lay down a few important bits of information before I get onto those veggies that lose stomach fat fast.
Do you know that many foods and every days items such as plastic containers, make up, household cleaning products, etc, carry pesticides and other chemicals that can trigger what is known as an estrogen effect.
Estrogen is the hormone that we women have high amounts of in our body, a small amount can also be found in men.

lose stomach fast

Estrogen the female hormone

Estrogen , The ‘Female Hormone’

It is for this reason why it is often called the female hormone and  you may or may not know, it is a fat storing hormone….Oh yes indeedy. Hence why we naturally store more fat than men.

Estrogen , a.k.a The ‘Fat Storing Hormone’

When the estrogen effect occurs it forces your body to hold onto belly fat.
But despair not ,there are, as I said at the beginning of the article some vegetables  that can help you to fight off this effect and burn belly fat fast.
These vegetables are called cruciferous vegetables a.k.a Cabbage Family of Vegetables.
To name a few of them we have, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale and cabbage.
They are often  referred to as The Super-Veggies, for good reason too. They are excellent at fighting the estrogen effect and will go a long way to helping you  in your goal to burn belly fat fast, so you need to include these in your nutrition on a daily basis .
But there’s more , as well as these Super-Veggies , there are other spices and even teas that you should have in your kitchen cupboards to help you burn belly fat fast.
I read a great article from Mike Geary a fellow  certified nutrition consultant. The link is below its an excellent read.
Checkout what else you can be doing and adding to your daily diet and kitchen cupboards to help you burn belly fat fast. You’ll be surprised that many of these products you have probably walked past a million times in the super market. You may even have them tucked away in your cupboards now.
Just  click the link,  What’s in my cupboards that I need to know about?’ to read the article.

Oh and the morale of the story: Mum is  always right!

Stay healthy

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast. The Best Ab Workouts For Mom’s:REVEALED

how to lose belly fat

Stubborn Fat Loss FAST

How to lose belly fat? It’s a question you have probably asked yourself and others many times over..As a Fellow mum I know  how it can feel after giving birth. At some stage you just want to get your  tummy back into shape.You may have often asked yourself can I really get it back into shape?
Absolutely. As you may or may know I am a 44 year old mum  that’s me in the pictures.

Nutrition Is Over 80% Towards Getting Great Abs

Abs over 80% created in a UK Kitchen, 20% The Gym!So yes It is possible to get great abs even after becoming a mum ,it really is.OK, the short answer to the  title is ,If you really want to lose belly fat fast don’t focus on ab exercises, you will be wasting your time.
SERIOUSLY.If you haven’t  read my article entitled: go look in your kitchen for great abs’

then I suggest you do here’s the link again:

go look in your kitchen for great abs’

Read it now and then come back and read the remainder of this article where I tell you what workouts are the best to lose belly fat fast.

Alright, so you know that nutrition is  first and foremost the important  aspect for you to lose belly fat fast, once you have that in check you can look at some excellent exercises to  also help you to lose belly  fat and all over body fat.

how to lose belly fat

Fit Mom Paulette

Should have listened to mom


Simply put your  goal is fat loss and  ab exercises simply do not raise your metabolism enough to be effective.

The key to losing belly fat fast is to perform workouts that have full body exercises  or *compound (*exercises that involve more than one joint ad muscle group working at the same time) exercises such as: squats, lunges, dead lifts, clean & presses, snatches, swings, presses and pulls, mountain climbers, sprinting to name a few.

Squats are A Great Exercise For Fat Loss

When you are following a workout that is made up of these types of exercises your metabolism will shoot through the roof, and you body will very quickly become an efficient fat burning yummy mummy body.There is a place for effective ab exercises in your workout but I emphasise effect exercises. Crunches, sit ups what ever you may call them are one of the least effective exercises to lose belly fat. In my 15 years of being in the fitness industry I have see hundreds of people performing these exercises and the techniques are not only shocking but dangerous especially to the back and spine.


 There are some very effective exercises you can incorporate as well as the ones I have already mentioned. For starters some of the best ab exercises you should be performing regularly are Mountain climbers and jack-knifes

Stay healthy

Go Look In Your Kitchen For Great Abs!

All About Abs

Abs, Tummy, Belly,Stomach!

What ever you may call it, the stomach area is in my experience ,the area of the body that is so greatly misunderstood when one is trying to get it into tip top condition. So just a ‘small’ reminder to you:

“Great Abs are made in

the kitchen the gym is just dessert!!”

If I was given a dime for each time I was asked:

“Paulette, what exercises do you do to get your stomach so flat?”

I would be close to retiring a financially wealthy woman.

There is not an exercise  or a series of exercises in the world, irrespective of how many repetitions you perform, that will give you a flat stomach or six pack if your stomach area is covered by body fat. And to tackle body fat you need to look first and fore most at your nutrition.

Take a read of some of these great articles and program.Read  up and get the knowledge that food companies are failing to tell you. Get the hard honest  facts with no sugar coating on top and get your washboard stomach in fast time.

Healthy fats are not your enemy but many low fat products are

Your Excess Abdominal Fat is Dangerous To Your Health

Prioritise Your Abs In The Kitchen You ARE What You Eat

Great Abs are developed in your Kitchen

 3 So Called Healthy Foods That You Should Stop Eating 

Why Are You Choosing That Diet Soda?

Why Are You Drinking That Diet Soda?


Abs made in a UK Kitchen!

Stay Healthy

Motivation To Lose Weight- Bikini Model Body

Top 10 Tips For a Yummy Mummy Bikini Model Body For Life 

Now that you are a mum, do you have the motivation to lose weight but simply

don’t know where to start?

Or maybe you don’t have the motivation to lose weight and are looking for

help in finding that motivation and giving yourself a kick start.

Do you feel that all the information in cyberspace is just information overload?
Do you just what some tips from someone who is,or has been in your shoes, who really knows how you are feeling and the challenges you face as a mum?

Well read on because you really have come to the right place. Let me explain why a tell you a it about me:

I’m Paulette, I am 44 year old Mum, Fitness Trainer , Trainer, Nutrition and Healthy Eating  Adviser . I was born,raised and still living in London U.K, with my wonderful daughter Ayana.

That is a picture of me below on stage in a Fitness Model/Bikini model competition. I only started to compete at the tender age of 39!!

bikini model


As a mum I know how difficult it is to raise a family and still look and feel healthy and vibrant  all year round.I am confident in saying that as a mum the one thing you want to be for  yourself and child/ren is a healthy, happy mum. I don’t know any mum that doesn’t.

But it’s challenging isn’t it?
You may be as I am ,a one parent family or part of a two parent family , it doesn’t matter, both roles as a mum are tough and getting back into shape after becoming a mum with the amount of extra responsibilities you have on your shoulders is most definitely a challenge..

But it is possible, it really is possible to get that year round  bikini model without any crash diets, silly fads that don’t work, or using silly expensive gadgets that can cause you injury.

Knowing how difficult it can be as a mum myself,this is why I want to share with you, my Top 10, Motivation to Lose Weight Tips .

These tips were invaluable to me and  I know without following each and everyone,that as a 44 year old mom I would not have achieved the body shape I am in today.

Here you go your Top Tips for steady weight loss for life.

Motivation to Lose Weight Tips 1-5
Motivation to Lose Weight Tip 1. This is the most important tip and I cannot stress how important it is.
Get your mindset to where it needs to be today, tomorrow, forever. Simply saying to yourself that you want to lose weight, lose body fat, get into shape is not enough and will not cut it. Millions of people everyday all over the world say this to themselves time and time again ,you may even be guilty of this However very few are really ready mentally and emotionally to make the real sacrifices and lifestyle changes to do it once and for all.
Lifestyle changes, not fads and not short term fixes.
If you continue to do the same things in your life that you have always done then you will continue to get exactly the same results. You must be ready to make life long changes not for the next week, month or year, for the rest of your life.
Once you are really prepared to do this you are on your way.
Actions will always speak louder than words, always.

Motivation to Lose Weight Tip 2. Stop the blame game; if you are over the age of 18, YOU are responsible for how you look. You are 100% responsible for all the choices that you make. Period!

Motivation to Lose Weight Tip 3. Positivity is infectious .Immediately stop using words such as” I want” “I wish” replace these with “I will” “I am going to”

Motivation to Lose Weight Tip 4. Start to use lists. Start by writing a list of positive but realistic and achievable statements such as:

  • “I am going to lose 2 pounds in weight in the next 7 days.
  • “I will workout for at least 40 minutes, 3 times a week. I am worth this”
  • “I am going to take progress pictures weekly to show how well I am doing”
  • “When I fit into my new slim fit jeans I will treat myself ”

Write Your List NOW !

Do your list now Before you read Tip 5 & then come back. Prove to yourself just how serious you really are this time. Remember Tip 1, Actions speak louder than words

Motivation to Lose Weight Tip 5. Actively work towards each goal on your list daily. Now that you have your  list  use it. Start by making copies of your list, keep one with you daily and refer to it many times throughout the day, put a copy up any everywhere that will be a focal point for you throughout your day. This could be on the front of your refrigerator,  kitchen cupboard wardrobe, on your work place desk or keyboard. In fact put copies up anywhere that will be a great motivation to lose weight tool for you.

Motivation to Lose Weight Tips 6-10

Motivation to Lose Weight Tip 6. Tell as many people as possible what you are doing. Give them a copy of your list. Those that want to see you succeed will be a massive support to you. They will ask you often how you are doing, be genuinely interested in your progress. You will even find you inspire others to join you on their own lifestyle journey.

Motivation to Lose Weight Tip 7. For every one person that you inspire you will come across many more that cannot do what you are doing.
The naysayer’s .Do not under any circumstances entertain them.
Sadly they may be aplenty. The strength you are showing in taking control of your body, your life, will show up their own failings and their own inability to do the same. Do not allow anyone to deviate you away from your goals. Focus and surround yourself only with like minded positive people.


Motivation to Lose Weight Tip 8. STOP!! Before looking at any changes that you may feel you need to with your exercise regime. Look first and foremost at your nutrition.  Nutrition is the Boss. It is the key to seeing the major changes with your body. Over 80% of what you need to change to get into the best shape of your life will be nutrition related so give it that importance every day.
If like the vast majority of people I talk with, you are suffering from information overload on nutrition then do as I did, find one nutrition solution/program that has a good reputation for lifestyle results not short term weight loss crashes and when you find it stick with it. The results of such a program will be steady, achievable, long term and not leave you feeling weak, or lethargic.

Motivation to Lose Weight Tip 9: Get recommendations’ either from a friend, or by doing your own research online for a respected ,effective nutrition program with a proven track record of success, which is lifestyle changing and must also have a money back guarantee.
Look at pictures, of others who have followed the program, a picture says a thousand words.

Should have listened to mom

Motivation to Lose Weight Tip 10: Make sure the nutrition program you follow promotes life long healthy eating not just for you but also your family. As a mom you do not have time nor should you have to be preparing one meal for you and another for the rest of your family. A truly effective nutrition program will not have any specials shakes, bars or soups that you need to buy. Healthy eating should be and is for the whole family. One family, one shopping list.
You will see major changes to your body just by following an effective nutrition program that promotes lifestyle ,healthy, nutrition changes Some of the changes will be: a flatter stomach, elimination of stomach bloating ,toned legs, a toned butt, clearer skin,healthy looking  hair, more energy, the list is endless and these will be just by making healthy changes to your nutrition. You can expect to see and feel many of theses changes within the first week.

I really could have added another 10 further tips but I believe these ten are the foundation that you need to truly kick start your journey to a year round beach body. I did it and so can you. If you would like me to help you then why not sign up for my bikini body 12 week plan to get you that body you deserve.

I created my bikini body plan to help fellow mums and to show you can get your body into the greatest shape ever without crash dieting or endless exercise.

Sign up today and get on track with your health and fitness goals.

Stay Healthy

bikini model

Paulette Sybliss



Abs Are Made In Kitchen

Abs Are Made In The Kitchen -how many times have you heard that?

Well its true-Abs, Tummy, Belly,Stomach,whatever you may call them, the stomach area is in my experience ,the area of the body that is so greatly misunderstood when one is trying to get it into tip top condition. So just a ‘small’ reminder to you:

“Great Abs are made in

the kitchen the gym is just dessert!!”

If I was given a dime for each time I was asked:

“Paulette, what exercises do you do to get your stomach so flat?”

I would be close to retiring a financially wealthy woman.

30 days To a washboard tummy 

There is not an exercise  or a series of exercises in the world, irrespective of how many repetitions you perform, that will give you a flat stomach or six pack if your stomach area is covered by body fat. And to tackle body fat you need to look first and fore most at your nutrition.

So I decided a whole page needs to be dedicated just to abs.

Read  up and get the knowledge others are not telling you from some of the top nutrition Guru’s in the industry that will tell you the facts, the hard honest  facts with no sugar coating on top.

30 days To a washboard tummy 

Your Excess Abdominal Fat is Dangerous To Your Health

abs are made in the kitchen

Prioritise Your Abs In The Kitchen- You ARE What You Eat

Great Abs are developed in your Kitchen

 3 So Called Healthy Foods That You Should Stop Eating 

Why Are You Choosing That Diet Soda?

Why Are You Choosing That Diet Soda?
Contest Prep workshopMe in Canada November 2013, Abs made in a UK Kitchen!