Bikini Body Ready Program

My online fitness coaching Bikini Body Ready Fat & Inch Loss Program is an effective, bespoke program that will get you bikini body ready

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As your online fitness/nutrition coach  I will ensure your Bikini Body Ready Program will be tailored specifically for you. This is NOT a cookie cutter one program suits all program.Your training and your nutrition plan will be tailored specifically forGet Year Round Bikini Body Readyyou, after all you and your body are unique so your program will be unique to.
The best results to obtain a bikini body ready toned body will be when resistance/weight training is your primary method of training with cardio as any accompaniment and of course your diet is the main key to getting that year round bikini body.
Your nutrition plan will be tailored specifically for you and your training schedule will enable you to train a minimum of  3-4 times per week.
The beauty of the  internet and Skype means that  as your online  trainer, I am there to support you whenever you need me.
Your Bikini Body Ready Online Program Includes:
  • 12/16 customised intense Fitness program  designed to get you bikini ready-updated every 4 weeks
  • 12/16 Week strict nutrition plan-adjusted as and when deemed necessary to keep the results coming.
  • Unlimited email contact and complete support from me
  • Your current nutrition analysed and changes made to fit into your lifestyle
  • NO short term crash diets.
  • Nutrition plans created  by me  specifically for you
  • Effective workouts that will help you with your physique goals- get tight and toned and lose the jiggly bits.
  • Resistance and body-weight exercises to get the muscles working efficiently and helping your body to effectively burn calories even when you are watching T.V.
  • Accountability-Weekly email  progress check in’s with me via email
  • Accountability-Bi weekly Photo progress check-ins with me
  • Specifically designed workouts based around your fitness level
  • Detailed exercise descriptions/video descriptions
  • Fitness Program progressions.As you get fitter, your program will challenge you more.

I value your time as well as my own and will only work with clients who are serious and can commit to a 12/16 week training and strict diet. If this is you then please contact me .

I give 100% to my clients and require this in return so therefore I limit the number of clients I accept.This ensures you can be guaranteed to have a coach who is there when you need her and is not over run with lots of clients and unable to give you the quality time and attention you deserve.

Email me here if you are serious about getting bikini body ready and working with me.

Bikini Body Ready


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