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Success for client Hilary in the USA

Success in the USA for my client Hilary

Success in the USA

I offer contest prep coaching for athletes who wish to compete with any federation in the fitness model bikini and figure classes. I prep. all athletes naturally which is to say I will only ever ask you if needed to take supplements that could be purchased from any high street health food store or commercial supplement store.

I have also had clients who are  actors, singers and TV presenters who have used my contest prep coaching  services to get ready for performances,shows or magazine                        photo-shoots.

As well as this I  am a Judge, this year alone (2015) I have judged at The Saxon Classic, Hercules Olympia,Cambridgeshire Classic,Head Judge at the Rob Reinaldo Classic and Judge at the most recent Pure Elite World Championships ,so as a contest prep coach I will know how to best prepare you for the look  your category requires but more important  I know what the judges will be looking for when the time comes for them to  judge you on stage.

Female Head Judge





Success In Canada To become Pro Fitness Model Athlete
Success In Canada To become Pro Fitness Model Athlete


Lower Body Conditioning Is Vital To Winning In Female Comps
Lower Body Conditioning Is Vital To Winning In Female Competitions

Helping you to choose your stage posing suit/outfit and heels as well as advice on your face, hair, make-up and skin tone are included.

Bikini Contest Prep

Make no mistake how important you as a complete package are .From the moment you step on stage you are being assessed.

Let me help you with your posing and  stage presence training. As a model in my teens I know it can be daunting when you first step on stage but it is vital you gain confidence and poise as this can be the difference between you winning and being runner- up; no matter how good your physique looks! I offer 1-2-1 sessions or small group sessions on stage posing & presentation. My experience as as a Pro Fitness Model Competitor ,former model and also an international Group Fitness presenter means I have performed in front of audiences of hundreds. I know the importance of stage presence and can help you to ‘own’ that stage.

Let me Show You How To Own That Stage
Let me Show You How To Own That Stage

What You Get

  1. Specific Contest prep Meal Plans for the duration of your prep and specific to you.Shopping list guidance.Meal Plans are updated regularly and as and when your body dictates.
  2. Contest prep training routines, including cardio training created specifically for you and the division you will be competing in. All training programs are updated as and when your body dictates.
  3. Guidance on supplements that can assist you
  4. UNLIMITED Email contact with.
  5. Weekly measurement check-ins and Bi-Weekly progress picture check-ins with me.
  6. Perfect peak week  (where necessary) created and adjusted with careful supervision.
  7. Guidance with choosing your posing suit and heel selection
  8. Guidance with stage tan,hair styling, makeup application.
  9. Motivation and emotional support as needed.
  10. Post contest prep meal plan transition. This is important to ensure you do not suffer large post competition weight gain/rebound or bloating from sudden influx of food that your body has been without for a long period of time.


  • Online Contest Prep packages include general guidance on stage posing but do not  include the price of stage posing 1-2-1 or Skype  lessons with me. 

I value your time as well as my own and therefore ask potential clients to contact me if they wish to work with me. I give 100% to my clients and require this in return so therefore I limit the number of clients I accept.This ensures you can be guaranteed to have a coach who is there when you need her and is not over run with lots of clients and unable to give each the quality time and attention they deserve. Email me here

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