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Nutrition Was KEY in Dexters fat loss journey


Without consistently following daily healthy nutrition practices you will never see the results you want with your physique even if you are exercising regularly. My bespoke meal plan is not a crash diet, you will be eating and eating regularly.

Your meals will be healthy, clean, nutritious meals that keep you full, at the same time helping you to strip excess body fat once and for all.

You will know what to eat and when all day everyday and the beauty of this effective meal plan is it can and should become a lifestyle way of eating for you.

It will be specifically based around you personally and is not a one size fits all meal plan.

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Hey Paulette
Thank you so so much, words cannot explain how much I appreciate your advice and your commendations! I will be taking your words to heart fully and eat healthier. You are very right, there is so much mis-communication around about what good and bad fats are so unless one has studied nutrition, it’s very difficult to write oneself an eating plan. But I will get my intake of almonds, ago and other healthy fats and build the muscle that I need.
South Africa
August 2012
I achieved this is all in just 50 days ! It starts with nutrition
I achieved this is all in just 50 days ! It starts with nutrition


The Fat Loss Meal Plan includes:

        • Comprehensive  nutrition questionnaire consultation emailed to you
        • Meal plan will be based around information you supply to me on your lifestyle questionnaire
        • Personalised Meal Plan based on your personal caloric requirements,your goals, age, height,current weight
        • Grocery food shopping guide/alternative food choices
        • Vitamin/Supplement recommendations
        • You will be eating regular healthy meals/snacks throughout the day
        • This meal plan is based around lifestyle changes not short term fads so it can be used for a long as you wish to do so.
        • You have unlimited email support and access to me .
        • Please note this meal plan will get you the fat loss results you want when followed 100%. This is not a crash diet, so for optimum results you need to follow it in it’s entirety as directed by me when I email you your meal plan.
        • You must commence your meal plan within a week of making payment.
        • Upon payment I will contact you via email within 24-48 hours and send you your lifestyle questionnaire. You will need to allow a minimum of 3 days from receiving your completed questionnaire to receiving your personal meal plan.
        • Once you receive your meal plan this is will be deemed the start of week 1 of the 12 weeks.
        • This is NOT a competition diet.

                        The Fat Loss Meal Plan-£150. Click Here to purchase and pay securely by PayPal.


I am available for nutrition seminars for personal groups or corporate business’. Please contact me here with your exact requirements and I will respond to you within 48 hours (excluding weekends and any public holidays)

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