Lose Stomach Fat Fast:You Should Have Listened to Mum

Have you always wanted to know how to lose stomach fat fast?

Did your mum, like mine, nag you at almost every meal time to:

I achieved this is 29 days ! It starts with nutrition
I achieved this is 29 days ! It starts with nutrition



“Eat your vegetables they‘re good for you”
Sound familiar right?






Lose stomach fat fast
Should have listened to mom


Well there are actually some vegetables that are not only good for you in general but can actually help you to  burn belly fat fast.

OK lets just lay down a few important bits of information before I get onto those veggies that lose stomach fat fast.
Do you know that many foods and every days items such as plastic containers, make up, household cleaning products, etc, carry pesticides and other chemicals that can trigger what is known as an estrogen effect.
Estrogen is the hormone that we women have high amounts of in our body, a small amount can also be found in men.

lose stomach fast
Estrogen the female hormone

Estrogen , The ‘Female Hormone’

It is for this reason why it is often called the female hormone and  you may or may not know, it is a fat storing hormone….Oh yes indeedy. Hence why we naturally store more fat than men.

Estrogen , a.k.a The ‘Fat Storing Hormone’

When the estrogen effect occurs it forces your body to hold onto belly fat.
But despair not ,there are, as I said at the beginning of the article some vegetables  that can help you to fight off this effect and burn belly fat fast.
These vegetables are called cruciferous vegetables a.k.a Cabbage Family of Vegetables.
To name a few of them we have, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale and cabbage.
They are often  referred to as The Super-Veggies, for good reason too. They are excellent at fighting the estrogen effect and will go a long way to helping you  in your goal to burn belly fat fast, so you need to include these in your nutrition on a daily basis .
But there’s more , as well as these Super-Veggies , there are other spices and even teas that you should have in your kitchen cupboards to help you burn belly fat fast.
I read a great article from Mike Geary a fellow  certified nutrition consultant. The link is below its an excellent read.
Checkout what else you can be doing and adding to your daily diet and kitchen cupboards to help you burn belly fat fast. You’ll be surprised that many of these products you have probably walked past a million times in the super market. You may even have them tucked away in your cupboards now.
Just  click the link,  What’s in my cupboards that I need to know about?’ to read the article.

Oh and the morale of the story: Mum is  always right!

Stay healthy

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