Go Look In Your Kitchen For Great Abs!

All About Abs

Abs, Tummy, Belly,Stomach!

What ever you may call it, the stomach area is in my experience ,the area of the body that is so greatly misunderstood when one is trying to get it into tip top condition. So just a ‘small’ reminder to you:

“Great Abs are made in

the kitchen the gym is just dessert!!”

If I was given a dime for each time I was asked:

“Paulette, what exercises do you do to get your stomach so flat?”

I would be close to retiring a financially wealthy woman.

There is not an exercise  or a series of exercises in the world, irrespective of how many repetitions you perform, that will give you a flat stomach or six pack if your stomach area is covered by body fat. And to tackle body fat you need to look first and fore most at your nutrition.

Take a read of some of these great articles and program.Read  up and get the knowledge that food companies are failing to tell you. Get the hard honest  facts with no sugar coating on top and get your washboard stomach in fast time.

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Great Abs are developed in your Kitchen

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Abs made in a UK Kitchen!
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