How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

Top 10 Tips For a How to Get Motivated and be in the best shape ever! 

I am a mum and the question many women and fellow mums ask me  often is ” How to Get Motivated?”

It may be that you have just become a mum, or you have put on a lot of weight , or are busy with work and are really struggling with how to get motivated?

Do you not know how to get motivated to lose weight or get into shape post pregnancy?

Do you need to find your self motivation and give yourself a kick start.

Do you feel that all the information in cyberspace is just information overload?
Do you just what some tips from someone who has been in your shoes, who really knows how you are feeling and the challenges you face as a mum?

Well read on because you really have come to the right place. Let me explain why a tell you a it about me:

I’m Paulette, if this is one of the first post you are reading about me let me briefly introduce myself.I am 45 year old Mum,who runs my own business as a  Personal Trainer , Group exercise Trainer, Nutrition and Healthy Eating  Coach. However the most important role I hold is that of a mum to my wonderful daughter Ayana.

That is a picture of me below on stage in a Fitness Model/Bikini model competition. I only started to compete at the tender age of 39!!

bikini model


As a mum and business woman I know how difficult it is to raise a family,work and still look and feel healthy and vibrant  all year round.

And that’s without the added pressure society and Social media can have on us. it’s challenging isn’t it? Especially if you do not know how to get motivated.

It might seem impossible to juggle everything but it is possible, it really is possible to get that year round body that you desire and it is possible without any crash diets, silly fads that don’t work, or using silly expensive gadgets that can cause you injury.

I know all to well how difficult it can be, and this is why I want to share with you, my

Top 10, how To Get Motivated To Lose Weight Tips .

These tips were invaluable to me when I first became a mum, first started my own business and most definitely the first time I decided to enter a fitness model competition.I know without following each and everyone, I would not have achieved the body shape I am in today.

Feel free to print these out and refer back to them daily and please help any others you know who need help to get motivated and share away on your Social Media platforms.

How to get motivated to Lose Weight Tips 1-5
How to get motivated to Lose Weight Tip 1. This is the most important tip and I cannot stress without this happening you will not get far in any goals you set.
Get your mindset to where it needs to be today, tomorrow, forever. Simply saying to yourself that you want to lose weight, lose body fat, get into shape is not enough and will not cut it. Millions of people everyday all over the world say this to themselves time and time again ,you may even be guilty of this However very few are really ready mentally and emotionally to make the real sacrifices and lifestyle changes to do it once and for all.
Lifestyle changes, not fads and not short term fixes.
If you continue to do the same things in your life that you have always done then you will continue to get exactly the same results. You must be ready to make life long changes not for the next week, month or year, for the rest of your life.
Once you are really prepared to do this you are on your way.
Actions will always speak louder than words, always.

How to get motivated to lose weight Tip 2. Stop the blame game; if you are over the age of 18, YOU are responsible for how you look. You are 100% responsible for all the choices that you make. Period!

How to get motivated to lose weight Tip 3. Positivity is infectious .Immediately stop using words such as” I want” “I wish” replace these with “I will” “I am going to”

How to get motivated to lose weight Tip 4. Start to use lists. Start by writing a list of positive but realistic and achievable statements such as:

  • “I am going to lose 2 pounds in weight in the next 7 days.
  • “I will workout for at least 40 minutes, 3 times a week. I am worth this”
  • “I am going to take progress pictures weekly to show how well I am doing”
  • “When I fit into my new slim fit jeans I will treat myself ”
Write Your List NOW !

Do your list now Before you read Tip 5 & then come back. Prove to yourself just how serious you really are this time. Remember Tip 1, Actions speak louder than words

How to get motivated to lose weight Tip 5. Actively work towards each goal on your list daily. Now that you have your  list  use it. Start by making copies of your list, keep one with you daily and refer to it many times throughout the day, put a copy up any everywhere that will be a focal point for you throughout your day. This could be on the front of your refrigerator,  kitchen cupboard wardrobe, on your work place desk or keyboard. In fact put copies up anywhere that will be a great motivation to lose weight tool for you.

How to get motivated to lose weight Tips 6-10

How to get motivated to lose weight Tip 6. Tell as many people as possible what you are doing. Give them a copy of your list. Those that want to see you succeed will be a massive support to you. They will ask you often how you are doing, be genuinely interested in your progress. You will even find you inspire others to join you on their own lifestyle journey.

How to get motivated to lose weight Tip 7. For every one person that you inspire you will come across many more that cannot do what you are doing.
The naysayer’s .Do not under any circumstances entertain them.
Sadly they may be aplenty. The strength you are showing in taking control of your body, your life, will show up their own failings and their own inability to do the same. Do not allow anyone to deviate you away from your goals. Focus and surround yourself only with like minded positive people.


How to get motivated to lose weight Tip 8. STOP!! Before looking at any changes that you may feel you need to with your exercise regime. Look first and foremost at your nutrition.  Nutrition is the Boss. It is the key to seeing the major changes with your body. Over 80% of what you need to change to get into the best shape of your life will be nutrition related so give it that importance every day.
If like the vast majority of people I talk with, you are suffering from information overload on nutrition then do as I did, find one nutrition solution/program that has a good reputation for lifestyle results not short term weight loss crashes and when you find it stick with it. The results of such a program will be steady, achievable, long term and not leave you feeling weak, or lethargic.

How to get motivated to lose weight Tip 9: Get recommendations’ either from a friend, or by doing your own research online for a respected ,effective nutrition program with a proven track record of success, which is lifestyle changing and must also have a money back guarantee.
Look at pictures, of others who have followed the program, a picture says a thousand words.

Should have listened to mom

How to get motivated to lose weight Tip 10: Make sure the nutrition program you follow promotes life long healthy eating not just for you but also your family. As a mom you do not have time nor should you have to be preparing one meal for you and another for the rest of your family. A truly effective nutrition program will not have any specials shakes, bars or soups that you need to buy. Healthy eating should be and is for the whole family. One family, one shopping list.
You will see major changes to your body just by following an effective nutrition program that promotes lifestyle ,healthy, nutrition changes Some of the changes will be: a flatter stomach, elimination of stomach bloating ,toned legs, a toned butt, clearer skin,healthy looking  hair, more energy, the list is endless and these will be just by making healthy changes to your nutrition. You can expect to see and feel many of theses changes within the first week.

I really could have added another 10 further tips but I believe these ten are the foundation that you need to truly kick start your journey to a year round body that you are comfortable and happy with. I did it and so can you.

If you would like me to help you then why not sign up for my bikini body 12 week plan to get you that body you deserve.

I created my bikini body plan to help fellow mums and to show you can get your body into the greatest shape ever without crash dieting or endless exercise.

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Stay Healthy

bikini model
Paulette Sybliss



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