How to Lose Belly Fat Fast. The Best Ab Workouts For Mom’s:REVEALED

how to lose belly fat
Stubborn Fat Loss FAST

How to lose belly fat? It’s a question you have probably asked yourself and others many times over..As a Fellow mum I know  how it can feel after giving birth. At some stage you just want to get your  tummy back into shape.You may have often asked yourself can I really get it back into shape?
Absolutely. As you may or may know I am a 44 year old mum  that’s me in the pictures.

Nutrition Is Over 80% Towards Getting Great Abs
Abs over 80% created in a UK Kitchen, 20% The Gym!So yes It is possible to get great abs even after becoming a mum ,it really is.OK, the short answer to the  title is ,If you really want to lose belly fat fast don’t focus on ab exercises, you will be wasting your time.
SERIOUSLY.If you haven’t  read my article entitled: go look in your kitchen for great abs’

then I suggest you do here’s the link again:

go look in your kitchen for great abs’

Read it now and then come back and read the remainder of this article where I tell you what workouts are the best to lose belly fat fast.

Alright, so you know that nutrition is  first and foremost the important  aspect for you to lose belly fat fast, once you have that in check you can look at some excellent exercises to  also help you to lose belly  fat and all over body fat.

how to lose belly fat
Fit Mom Paulette
Should have listened to mom


Simply put your  goal is fat loss and  ab exercises simply do not raise your metabolism enough to be effective.

The key to losing belly fat fast is to perform workouts that have full body exercises  or *compound (*exercises that involve more than one joint ad muscle group working at the same time) exercises such as: squats, lunges, dead lifts, clean & presses, snatches, swings, presses and pulls, mountain climbers, sprinting to name a few.

Squats are A Great Exercise For Fat Loss

When you are following a workout that is made up of these types of exercises your metabolism will shoot through the roof, and you body will very quickly become an efficient fat burning yummy mummy body.There is a place for effective ab exercises in your workout but I emphasise effect exercises. Crunches, sit ups what ever you may call them are one of the least effective exercises to lose belly fat. In my 15 years of being in the fitness industry I have see hundreds of people performing these exercises and the techniques are not only shocking but dangerous especially to the back and spine.


 There are some very effective exercises you can incorporate as well as the ones I have already mentioned. For starters some of the best ab exercises you should be performing regularly are Mountain climbers and jack-knifes

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