Client Hilary Wins 1st Place AGAIN this time at the NPC Ferringo  Legacy ,

Palm Springs, U.S.A

Bikini Competition Prep

Hilary said in her Facebook post-

” BOOM!! 1ST PLACE GUYS!!! at the Lou Ferringo Legacy in California. So,so,so happy.I just want to dedicate this (video)to my coach Paulette Sybliss haha, this wonder woman has taught me everything I know,prepped,trained and coached me from beginning to the end for the second time now and I would NEVER change her for anything in the world,She’s bloody amazing!!”

Bikini prep

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Hilary’s 1st Transformation To A Bikini Champion

Read all about Hilary’s Amazing Transformation in her own words below.

UPDATE.Since writing the  testimonial below.

Hilary wins 1st place in Toronto Canada at her 1st ever show. She is now an International Bikini Champion.

Hilary Became An International Bikini Champion At Her First Ever Show
Hilary Became An International Bikini Champion At Her First Ever Show

“I’m am so happy to have met Paulette, since I’ve known here she’s always been inspiring, motivating and always full of energy, she never stops! When I started working with her I was very self conscious about how I looked, I wouldn’t wear shorts or skirts in the summer because of how thick my thighs were and how I looked, I then thought I had to have a very good goal to get me back into shape. Paulette had always told me to get into fitness modelling, and I would always laugh, however this time I decided to do it, I entered the Canada Fitness Star competition for the bikini category, and this is when the mighty Paulette put me into action.

She did everything for me, gave me

Bikini Babe Transformation
Bikini Babe Transformation

 meal plans, supplements, training plans, support, absolutely everything I needed to get me though. I was able to contact her at all times when I needed anything and she would be there in a flash giving advice and pushing me on. I had never been on a diet before, in fact the whole experience was new to me, training for a fitness model competition for the first time, it was all pretty nerve racking, however Paulette always made me feel secure and positive at all times. Her plans were more than great! Every week I would have to give in my weight and body measurements and give in pictures every 2 weeks, she would asses me every time and see whether or not there were improvements, if not she would change my diet on the go and the results would always be better. The thing that I really like about Paulette is that she was always honest, in the times that I was not doing so well she would tell me (not in a mean way) but in a way which was motivating and made you want to work harder, as well as praising me when I was smashing it!

When I say Paulette did everything for me, she LITERALLY did everything for me. She helped me out with my posing, how to walk the walk on stage and how to work it! She made me feel confident too which is also important. All the bikini, shoes, and accessories again Paulette gave me all the recommendations I needed. She really made time for me and was very patient with me, as I know I can be a handful at times! She was a coach, a friend, a personal trainer and an educator to me.

I recommend Paulette 110% and I can put everything on her that she will help you reach your goals whatever it is!

Thank you very much Paulette! Xx”


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Dexter’s 37 Day Fat Loss Blitz

Read all about Dexter’s Fat Loss Blitz  in his own words, below.

Fat Loss Blitz
Fat Loss Blitz

I’ve worked with Paulette aka “super woman” previously and lost a lot of weight. Paulette identified that the workouts was not the issue as I was a good client but the most important thing was the nutrition which was the most difficult thing for me to stick to.Paulette realised that the core exercises we were doing in the past were great but she had a plan in which to combine both weight and explosive circuits to strip fat from my body so that I would see faster results.

Paulette took before photos at the first session from different angles to identify the target areas to tailor the transformation programme for my specific needs. She emailed me the pictures as a motivation to carry out the course and make sure that I give 110% to change my situation.

 The first two weeks was like nothing I experienced before, the level of intensity couple by the difficulty of some of the exercises Paulette took me by surprise. After workouts I was exhausted and left too tired to sleep properly at times, this passed and going into the third and fourth week, I shall a massive change in my physique.

My energy levels were higher and my all round ability to do things were substantially better. The hunger started to creep up meaning that every time I finished a session or woke up the following day, I felt that I could eat the whole house down, I rang Paulette to explain my problems that I was facing during the program and she  suggested that I snack on specific foods which will keep the hunger at bay and minimise calorie intake. I started to see that my clothes literally hang on me and had to buy new jeans and shirts as my old clothes were too big for me to wear. This gave me additional motivation to achieve the goals that I have set myself.

The last weeks were the most difficult as I was little under the weather couple with the running around of the Christmas period but I finished strong and I was happy with the end results. I would recommend to anybody who wants to change their life and transformed their body.



Angela’s Amazing  Transformation

Read all about Angela’s inspiring journey in her own words, below.

Angela’s Amazing 6 Weeks Transformation
What A Difference 6 Weeks Makes

Angela’s Journey

“I was excited and couldn’t wait to get started and rid myself of my body fat – yippee.  What I hadn’t realised or appreciated was the food side of the programme was going to be mentally challenging.

I started by keeping a food diary for a week and then sent it to Paulette who pointed out that I didn’t eat enough protein which was a revelation to me.  She then provided a food plan based on what I eat incorporating a few other foods which weren’t too much of a problem to include.  I also received some useful information/tips.  I must admit my initial reaction upon seeing the plan was both shock and surprise as it would mean I’d have to measure out certain foods which is something I’d never done before.  Still, I said I’d do the program and there was a part of me that wanted to see if it really worked.

At our first meeting Paulette measured my arms, legs, waist, hips and chest in centimetres and informed me that it was easier to keep a track of the changes over time.  She emailed the results to me which helped to focus my mind.

The first two weeks weren’t easy, I kept thinking I felt hungry and my stomach sang a protest tune all of its own on many occasions.  Food became an obsession; it was all I seemed to think about – all the things I couldn’t eat mainly crisps and cakes which ironically are things I don’t eat that often.  I wondered whether this was really about being told what to eat and therefore wanting to eat something else, you know, a kind of defiance.  Anyway, thank goodness there were other things to occupy my mind and time.

As someone who regularly goes to the gym I found the exercise part challenging and enjoyable and loved the personal training sessions with Paulette outdoors.  There’s something amazing about exercising outside, the smells, noises, dogs, children and adults – on one occasion I thought the heavens would open up and drench us, we were lucky.

I think from the third week things started to settle down for me and I don’t know exactly when it happened but I’d stopped measuring my portions as I could gauge what 60g or 100g felt like and usually I was right.  I’d also started to notice something very significant with my clothes they were beginning to hang off me and that felt really good.  However, the biggest and most noticeable thing was when the second measurements were taken – the results showed I’d lost a steady amount of body fat all over but I suppose I knew that by my clothes.  I must admit I wasn’t best pleased about the loss of centimetres from my chest but have gotten over it now especially as my stomach is getting flatter and more defined.  This gave me the impetus to continue on.

Well, I’ve finished the program and am very pleased with the final results – my clothes say it all and I’m looking forward to clearing out my wardrobe and getting some fun things in it.  The program has been life changing in so many ways.  I look at my body now (before I’d want to wear baggy clothes and hide myself) and I want to wear things to accentuate my figure which I’m very proud of and this is the first time I’ve said this.  I also have a different relationship with food and don’t feel the need to eat or drink to excess and no longer have that bloating feeling.  I also get a better night’s sleep and feel more positive, motivated and proud of myself.

You might be wondering what the future holds for me, well, I intend to continue my personal training sessions with Paulette and I’ve learned that eating in moderation is the key.  

Thank you Paulette for your support, encouragement and patience.”



Big Brother Winner  Josie’s Stunning New Figure After Boot Camp Training with Paulette

WOW! Big Brother Star Reveals Her Gorgeous New Figure 

Effective Fat Loss Results
Effective Fat Loss Results

Real Achievable Results


More Testimonials

Shaherah Jordan is crowned NABBA South East

Toned Figure Champion

Shaherah With Winning Trophy

Here Shaherah explains how her posing & Stage presence training with Paulette helped her take the title.

“Having trained hard and dieted for 11 weeks I needed to polish of my presentation for the NABBA South East Miss Toned category and Paulette really helped me to shine”.

Shaherah Poses Like A True Champion

“She showed me some very useful tips to help bring out the best in my figure for the stage which I believe helped me bag the trophy! She’s knowledgeable, professional and incredibly encouraging. Count yourself lucky if you’ve got her in your camp!”

Shaherah Jordan NABBA Toned Figured Champion




Jordana, London

I have been a long time group ex junkie doing 10+ classes a week. I started training with Paulette as despite my grueling class schedule, I wasn’t getting the results I desired. I aspired to have a more chiseled and toned physique which despite my clean diet and extensive cardio regime just wasn’t happening.

Paulette immediately put me on strength training program which was previously devoid from my exercise routine and cautioned me that all the cardio I was doing was actually counter-productive to the results I desired. What was even more impressive was how she managed to coax me off my life of group classes which I had literally been doing for 12+ years. I have always been a diehard class fanatic so weaning me off classes was a feat in itself.

I am literally in awe of the results I have achieved in just 3 short months with Paulette’s training and guidance. I have achieved more in this short time then in the past 12+ years. My strength levels have soared and my physique has radically transformed before my eyes. Also, now when I do an occasional class my performance is far superior with me jumping higher and moving with greater agility than ever before. Beyond the physical transformation, Paulette has helped transform my mental state with regard to exercise. I no longer feel like I need to slug it for hours on end at the gym as she has truly instilled in me the mantra of ”less is more”. I could not recommend Paulette enough as she has given me the tools to not only shape my body but excel physically. Plus, I won’t be going back to endless classes anytime soon thanks to Paulette!”

Samantha, London

I  first met Paulette at a friends gathering. From the off we got on, talking non-stop about fitness.

Fast forward almost 2 years and I decide I’m going to enter a competition. I had seen Paulette’s progresses and successes and liked the body she had built for herself and others.

I signed up to her 8 week online competition programme and hit the ground running. From the off Paulette was very structured and organised. Her attention to detail was very evident with the tweaks she made to my diet and training. She always explained why we are changing up the diet or training and what this workout does etc. She was easily accessible, never having to wait a week to discuss any queries.

I can honestly say that I let go and trusted in Paulette’s knowledge and experience throughout.
Oh and I placed in my completion.
I will definitely  be working with Paulette again.


” I have to be honest I was sceptical about having a Female Trainer when I first met Paulette, I guess male ego and all of that!!.
That went very quickly out of the window. Paulette has taken my training to boundaries that I never believed I could reach.She has the ability to get 100% out of you even when you think you can’t and she still manages to get a smile out of you.

‘Do it right or don’t do it at all’ is one of her favourite sayings!’

She has taught me that technique is EVERYTHING and the results on my body have shown that’
Daniel 36, LONDON

“I’m not sure quite what to say about this beautiful woman, but I am sure I should say something – for my own sake, if not for hers! Paulette (Miss Nubia) is the loveliest woman I’ve had contact with. She has a quality of care and concern for others which is rare among contestants in beauty and fitness competitions. She works hard, and is dedicated to fitness and to working with others who wish to be fit. But she retains a sense of humility and is not the type who would walk on others when they are down. How you combine this with being a fabulously sexy woman who enters international fitness and beauty competitions, I am not at all sure, but she does. I wish her all the best in her move to show that 40’s is the new, sexy, 21!”
Grant, West London

“Paulette is an excellent instructor whose training makes you progress and push boundaries, while at the same time having a really good time! An fantastic combination, if you ask me! I can’t keep away from her classes – they are just too good!”
Jose 30,LONDON

“Paulette has helped me to realise the importance of goal setting and correct technique. Her encouragement and inspiration are second only to her desire to see me achieve my personal goals. The progress I have made under her instruction has been sustained and steady resulting in the long term results I wanted! “
Tony 34 South East London

“Paulette has taught me the importance of technique, technique, technique in exercise. She will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear!
She is my Ms Motivator”………………
Julie 35, South West London

“I have been going to the gym for several years and in all the time that I have been going, I have never met such a dedicated, fun, hardworking trainer as Paulette. Her classes are always full to the brim because she makes the training fun that you don’t even realise the amount of work you are putting into your workout. Because she puts in 110% it makes you want to put the same amount of effort. She makes time to speak to you and always gives you a smile. Thank you for bringing out the best in me even if you didn’t know it..”
Sandra, LONDON

“My name is Renata. After having my two children I was desperate to lose weight and I tried many different diets without much success. Since training with Paulette I’ve learned how important healthy eating in regular intervals together with exercise. She designed personalised exercise and eating plan for me. Paulette is highly experienced personal trainer who is very passionate about helping her clients to achieve the result they want.
Thank you Paulette” Rxx
Renata, London

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