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Comp Prep Training


Competition Prep

  • This is ONLY for athletes due to compete
  • This is a very  intense 12/16 week program (20  weeks available on request)
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Fat Loss & Weight Loss Kick Starter

  • This program is designed for all levels,if you are new to exercise or if you are struggling to get results on your own and need help,structure and accountability
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Bikini Body Ready

Bikini Body Ready

  • This is a 12/16 weeks challenge that will get you bikini body ready if you need to lose that last 10-20 lbs
  • This is a very strict, and demanding program but with it, you will achieve great results
  • Excellent if you have a photo-shoot or  beach holiday coming up.
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healthy eating

Nutrition Plan

  • This is designed for you if you just want help with a structured bespoke nutrition plan.
  • This  will be a nutrition plan based on you and your likes/dislikes.No training advice is given with this plan.
  • If weight loss is your goal your plan will be tailored for you to eat ‘real’ foods with no crash dieting.
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