Bubble Butt Program

There is  no getting away from the fact that a sexy butt is loved by women and men alike! Every woman can obtain the bubble butt and in this book Paulette teaches you all you need to know to finally obtain the sexy bubble butt.you have desired.Paulette’s Bubble Butt Program provides you with 12 weeks worth of workouts that target the butt more and the quads less! The workouts are varied and will hit the butt like you have never before. Exercise descriptions using pictures and links to my YouTube Channel ensure you will be using great form all the way through..So if a Bubble butt is your goal then you want to start this program today! Click link below.

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The Simple Fat Loss Meal Plan $29 Now $15.95

How To Burn Belly fatWe all know that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ but many of us are making the mistake of in cutting out healthy fats from our diets thinking to lose fat we don’t need fats but nothing could be farther from the truth. In this book Paulette teaches you how healthy fats are one of the most beneficial food groups needed in pursuit of  getting toned abs. You will learn how to work out your macros to tailor your meals to fit you.This book has 30 days of meal plans.Click the link below.

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Training Secrets For Stubborn Fat Loss $39 

Stubborn Fat Loss FastWhen trying to get lean many women find it relatively easy to get lean on the upper body and abs but struggle with the lower body. This is because women carry the vast majority of their fat lower body and this fat is typically more stubborn to shift than body fat elsewhere.But all is not lost, in this book Paulette teaches you the effective ways to strip body fat fast from the lower body fat. With 12 weeks worth of progressive workouts lower body fat doesn’t stand a chance. .paypal logo


The Triple Bundle $97 

Buy all 3 of my successful E-Books and save $20 than if purchased individually

The Triple Bundle